Cristiane Kajimura

Registered Homeopath LCHE RSHom, BSc Holistic Health Sciences

Feeling a powerful call to make a change in her life, Cristiane Kajimura felt inspired to go on that journey after working over 15 years in the corporate world internationally. During the later years, as she earned a Master's degree in Business Administration and was leading high impact change projects in Supply Chain Optimisation & Management in Munich, Germany, she felt the internal urgency to find more meaning in life. 

Her love of "new thinking"​ and the "art of happiness" led her to start intensive self-discovery training in 2012. Through this profound personal experience, Cristiane 'remembered' that the question of Mind / Matter was ever present since her childhood. Her father, a physician in Gynecology and Obstetrics, became one of the 1st generations of medical doctors to advocate and practice Acupuncture since the 80's in São Paulo, Brazil. Her mother, a Buddhist practitioner, taught her the art of meditation since she was 10. Both were strong role models for her. 

Despite both Cristiane and her sister having initially pursued other career paths, they inevitably embraced their innate purpose in life through healing sciences later on in adulthood. Her sister followed her father's steps and became a physician. Cristiane embarked in continuous energy medicine trainings. Her passion for holistic medical science was ignited as she trained in Ayurvedic Mind-Body Healing with Dr. Deepak Chopra and his teaching staff in Carlsbad, California. As an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, she assisted people in adopting a healthier lifestlye and healing emotionally through Ayurvedic & Mindfulness sciences. 

A few years later, she found in Homeopathy a deep heart's calling. In her Homeopathic practice, Cristiane offers an unique set of skills, as a result of her so far accumulated knowledge, experiences and trainings in understanding the holistic nature of human health.

 She is particularly passionate about empowering people and their family members to manifest higher levels of fluidity, vitality and happiness within themselves and in their lives.

Cristiane is a fully qualified and insured Homeopath, registered as a member of the Society of Homeopaths. She speaks English, German, Portuguese and Spanish and holds a Bachelor's degree in Holistic Health Sciences. Besides her practice, she currently specialises further in Homeopathic Science and works toward a Master's degree in Natural Medicine.