Journey into Healing

Your alternative options to invest in your health

 3-Month Treatment


  •  Consultation
  • Monthly Follow-up
  • Monthly Check-in
  • (via WhatsApp)
  • Acute Prescribing
  • Between appointments, in case necessary
  • Levels of Health Assessment
  • (before/after)


You are ready to go on a healing journey to rediscover Your Real Self

You are willing to feel reconnected at Mind & Body levels and are determined to put Yourself as a Top Priority in the next 3 months

You have been experiencing physical and/or mental/emotional discomfort over the past +3 months or periodically (ex: yearly)

* Children: £225

3M Treatment + Mindfulness


  • Consultation
  • 2x Homeopathic Follow-up's
  • 3x Mindfulness Coaching
  • (via Skype)
  • Acute Prescribing
  • Between appointments, in case necessary
  • Levels of Health Assessment
  • (before/after)


You would like to learn and experience the long term benefits of "connecting with yourself"; "going within" through Ayurvedic meditation techniques alongside with your Homeopathic treatment

You wonder how to feel more in harmony and control of your own emotional states

You feel the need for an extra support in managing your levels of stress and/or coping with changes in life


An option if you are not familiar with Homeopathic treatment and would like to experience if that is right for you


  •  Consultation
  • (90-min)
  • 1x Check-in
  • (10-min)
  • Acute Prescribing
  • (20-min)
  • Up to 4 weeks after initial consultation
  • * By upgrading to 3-Month Treatment within 14 days, you will only pay the difference

Further Information


For +2 individuals under treatment (siblings, mother-child, couples, etc) please consult on Family Packages.

CONTACT for details on discretionary rates, offered in special cases.


Not included (plans/separate appointments). Paid directly to the homeopathic pharmacy. Remedy cost: average £5-7 (excl. postage)

Private Health Insurance

Click HERE for a list of insurance companies which cover homeopathic treatment as part of their insurance plans

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