Treatment Investment

Choosing the healing journey that best suits you



                    Initial Treatment

  • 1x Initial Consultation 
  • (90-min)
  • 1x Follow-up 
  • (60-min)


  •    Chronic Treament 3-month
  • *** Best Cost Benefit ***
  • 1x Initial Consultation
  • 2x Follow-Up's
  • Weekly Check-in's
  • (via Whatsapp)
  • Acute Prescribing
  • (between appointments, in case necessary)


  • FULL Support 3-month Treatment
  • 1x Initial Consultation
  • 5x Follow-Up's
  • Weekly Check-In's 
  • (via Whatsapp or 10-min call)
  • Acute Prescribing included

One Appointment at a time

Your alternative options to invest in your health

Fees per Appointment

  • Initial Consultation (90-min)                                                                  £110
  • Follow-up Appointment (60-min)                                                          £85
  • Follow-up Appointment (45-min)                                                          £75
  • Acute Prescription (15-min)                                                                   £25


  • Initial Individual Consultation (60-min)                                                 £85
  • Individual Follow-up Appointment (45-min)                                        £75
  • 1x Follow-up Appointment for 2 Siblings (60-min)                             £85


  • For +2 individuals under treatment (siblings, mother-child, couples, etc) please enquire as reduced fees apply.

* Remedies

Not included (plans/separate appointments). Paid directly to the homeopathic pharmacy. Remedy cost: average £5-7 (excl. postage)

* Private Health Insurance

Click HERE for a list of insurance companies which cover homeopathic treatment as part of their insurance plans

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