Homeopathic Treatment

The Humanistic Individual Approach

Prescriptions are tailored to each individual patient, according to their specific symptoms. In order to find a homeopathic remedy that matches you and your symptoms as precisely as possible, a thorough understanding of the exact symptoms you are experiencing will be necessary. In Homeopathy, symptoms and sensations, be that on the emotional, mental and or physical planes, represent the 'language' through which one's organism is expressing itself. They also can be seen as the best way possible one's organism attempts to protect itself from being affected at even deeper levels (more vital areas) when undergoing throughout more challenging circumstances, be that internally or externally. 

The correct remedy selection serves as to stimulate one's immune system to overcome states of dis-ease and stress where mal functioning starts taking place.

Through a confidential, in-depth consultation, all aspects of your health and wellbeing, including your past medical history, diet, lifestyle and personality type, as well as you current health problems will be assessed.

As a guideline, a homeopathic treatment will be comprised of 1 monthly appointment during 3 months. For long-standing chronic conditions, a course of treatment may be needed. However, since homeopathy focuses on the individual, during our Introduction Session, I will provide you with an overview of your levels of health indicating which treatment strategy best suits you, also taking into consideration your wellbeing goals. Throughout the treatment, I will closely monitor your progress and as a team, I will discuss and agree with you on the next steps.

The duration of appointments and different length of treatments were designed to provide you with the best quality excellence during and throughout your journey back to wholeness, as much as possible. During consultation, my focus is to spend this dedicated quality time with you as to best understand what your body, mind and emotions are attempting to communicate through the specific symptoms and sensations being experienced, as an UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL that you are.

The initial homeopathic consultation usually lasts 75-90 minutes, whilst follow up appointments may be shorter (45-60 minutes). 

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